In our latest Life at Height blog post, we invite you to meet Brandon Culpan, an arborist at Brothers in Arms Tree Service, a veteran owned and operated tree care business that serves Florida's Emerald Coast. Brandon entered the tree care industry 4 years ago by way of his best friend who introduced him to climbing. He absolutely loves seeing happy customers, and that's why customer satisfaction is the number one thing that he loves about his job. He also enjoys "tackling trees that make me think and coming up with a solution to solve the problem." 

Brandon Culpan suspended from tree with saw hanging from hip.

Brandon shares his craziest storm story. 
In September 2020, Hurricane Sally hit Pensacola, Florida—and Brandon was busy to say the least! "We had so many crane jobs every day for about 2 months straight," he adds.

So, how does Brandon manage the crazy and unpredictable work schedule? He says, "My other half keeps me in line! No matter what, she has my back. And here's a tip for colleagues in the trade, Brandon stays connected to his family and friends by spending quality time whenever he is home and he also makes sure to not bring the frustrations of work home to them.

Brandon shares some of his favorite products from J.L Matthews that help him to get his job done. "First of all, I enjoy hearing about safety tips from other climbers, and I really love J.L. Matthews' chainsaw chaps. I've had 4 pairs of them and I use them daily!"

We've got a few chap options by Arborwear and Elvex Arbor. Take a look:

For anyone who is considering joining the arbor care industry, here's some advice from Brandon: "Start on the ground first before before you become a production climber." 


At J.L. Matthews, we are a family-owned business since 1946 and are your one-stop shop for linemen, ironworkers, and arborists. W

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Every true passionate arborist’s only goal is to keep their customers safe and satisfied and they go any measures to give them what they need from their trees. Very interesting! Love this blog!

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