Danny Matthews, President of J.L. Matthews, gets the inside scoop on the latest product innovations and industry trends directly from vendor account managers. In this Q & A style interview, meet Jerry Povroznik, a National Account Manager at Huskie Tools

Danny: Tell everyone who you are and a bit about your history.

Jerry: I'm Jerry Povroznik and I've been with Huskie Tools for four and a half years. I'm a National Account Manager for contractors, which is a new segment that Huskie is chasing in the industry. And my territory spans Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Wyoming.

Danny: So tell me, what is the biggest change you've seen at Huskie?

Jerry: The biggest change that we have made at Huskie Tools is that you can choose your power, meaning you can utilize the old Huskie battery, and now, our tools can utilize a Makita battery and we're rolling out the new Milwaukee battery line. We're not authorized or endorsed by either Milwaukee or Makita. This innovation is something that we brought to the market because our customers have been asking for us to introduce other battery platforms.

Danny: That's fantastic. So, a customer can take a Huskie, Makita, Milwaukee, or a proprietary battery brand, and use it with your tools. 

Jerry: Exactly. Whatever battery platform a customer is on, we have the tools to take care of their needs—the full line.

Danny: That's a game changer!

Jerry: It's a real big game changer in the industry because let's face it, Huskie is celebrating their 45th anniversary. Huskie was the first to introduce a battery operated tool to the industry, and now, we're on our seventh generation and we have three battery platforms to choose from.

Danny: So, if you want a tool, like a Drive Cable Cutter—you want a Huskie Tool, the best in the industry. These tools are reliable, tested, field proven, linemen proven.

Jerry: That's right. It's built for everything that's on the line. 


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