J.L. Matthews Training

Securing the right products is only the first step in ensuring safety on the job.  J.L. Matthews believes in taking the extra step for our customers to offer product training, as well as real life demonstration opportunities to not only insure the best products for the job, but also their proper use.  Whether at our Fort Worth location or at your school or job site – we bring the vendors, experts and resources needed to educate your staff, students, and teams on the proper use and maintenance of products available through J.L. Matthews.





PRODUCT VENDOR:  Offered to individuals, a new crew, or small groups of tradesmen; we invite the vendor best suited to fulfill your needs to visit our Fort Worth location and train guests on each product they offer.

TOPIC TRAINING:  Select a trade specific topic and train your trainers or teams on how this subject matter applies to their job.  For example, fire retardant clothing – training would include what different fire retardant items are available and how this clothing is to be used and worn on the job.  In addition, taking care of tools and equipment, as well as their features, advantages, and benefits are covered. 

NEW STUDENT SIZING:  Allow J.L. Matthews’ knowledgeable staff to size and fit new students with the belts, boots, or other gear they require.  In addition to getting the right fit, students get a brief review of the proper use and care for their equipment or tools. 



    VENDOR-ON-LOCATION:  The most comprehensive service we offer!  We hand select one of the J.L. Matthews product vendors to join us on YOUR job site.  Once there, the product expert will demonstrate the most effective way to wear, care, or use a product in action – just as you intend to use it!

    J.L. MATTHEWS TEAM TRAINING:  We load up the J.L. Matthews trailer with product and our educated sales team.  We head out to your job site or school where we fit employees in the gear they need to get started on the job.




    We have teamed up with the best arborist vendors in the industry to bring an educational session right to your doorstep.  Our vendor will offer a highly skilled trainer to teach you and your team(s) climbing techniques, skills, safety, and care for an arborist’s tools.

    (Hosted annually at J.L. Matthews Fort Worth store – also available as off-site training)


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