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How It Works

Once you submit the answers to the form, one of our knowledgeable Sales Staff will reach out to you and get more information about the items that you are looking for. Depending on quantity and the type of items, there can be additional discounts to uncover that you may be missing out on by buying online. 

J.L. Matthews Co. originally started off as a whole sale distributer in 1946. What does this mean for you? We have first- hand access to 100+ manufacturers and 4,000+ products. Assuring you have just the tool you need and at the right price!


How It Can Help

You get personalized discounts for your business needs and with a combined experience of 40+ years of industry knowledge working right here in the office! 

Deeply discounted items, all year-round- not just when there is a sale!

EX: Customer in PA bought $12,000 and saved $1,500

EX: Customer in CA bought $30,000 and saved $6,000



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