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Lineman Tools

  • Paulson Sun Shield, Fits Bullard Full Brim Hard Hat - A-S4-B2
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    Paulson Sun Shield, Fits Bullard Full...

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    $ 25.50

  • Reel Thing Cable Lifting
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    Slingco America, Inc Reel Thing Cable...

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    $ 560.00

  • Reel-O-Matic Reel Thing - RT20
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    Slingco America Inc, Reel Thing - RT2...

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    $ 465.00

  • Klein - Lineman Work Gloves - 4008_ - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.
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    Klein Lineman Work Gloves - 4008

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    $ 36.00

  • Lineman Tools

    Good Lineman tools & equipment are critical to a lineman’s safety and well being on the job. Not only do our linemen have a high skill job of constructing electric power transmission, telecommunications lines, and distribution lines, they also maintain these to make sure the general public can enjoy their day to day life.

    We, at J.L. Matthews Co. provide a wide range of the quality tools for lineman across the United States, with free shipping over $100 purchase (details and restrictions here). Thanks to all the Lineman!

    Browse this collection of Lineman Tools is the basic necessities for any lineman’s day to day job.

    This Lineman Tools List includes:

    • Carabiners, Climbing Gear, Lanyard tool tether, Lanyards, Retractable Lanyard
    • Anchor, Tool Bags, Tool Belts, Bolt Cutters, Tool Bucket, Bullpen Holder, Holsters
    • FR Hat Liner, Safety Gloves, Hooks, Impact Sockets, Sleever Bar, and more!