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J.L. Matthews

  • JLMCO - Aerial Oval Tool Bucket - 65-700 - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.
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  • In the humble single-car garage behind his house, Joe set to bringing his dream to fruition, manufacturing his own lineman belts, holsters, pole straps, and accessories by hand. Shortly thereafter, J.L. Matthews Company moved their store to Fort Worth’s south side, where the store still stands today. In the more than 20 years that would follow under Gary’s leadership, J.L. Matthews quickly expanded their expertise, becoming an industry leader in not only lineman climbing gear, but tools and safety equipment as well. The company would become more than just a store to buy the products needed for the job. It became a hub for the lineman community where people could come for knowledge, connect with others in the industry, and get their gear repaired and maintained by a team that knows their product.