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Arborwear, created in 1997, originally began, as the brand name attests, by making clothes exclusively for arborists—supple enough for climbing, yet durable enough to withstand the punishment of bark and branches. They did this by marrying the function of two distinct products: rock climbing pants, which allowed great freedom but couldn’t hold up to bark, and canvas pants, which were used by arborists because they didn’t immediately wear, tear, and fray, but which were too rigid for effective climbing. The company defines its passion as making “honest, hardworking clothing,” and it shows. Every new product is given painstaking attention to function, fit, and fabric—and rigorously field-tested for good measure. Arborwear has dramatically expanded its product since that initial pair of arborist pants: in addition to pants, the brand now sells hi-vis apparel, shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, and accessories. Unsurprisingly, Arborwear clothes have developed an appeal well beyond arborists. We at Outdoor Equipped are very pleased to offer a wide selection of Arborwear products.