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Utility Solutions Load Trainer II Transformer Simulator Kit - XFMR-001-H

SKU: XFMR-001-H | Brand: Utility Solutions | Type: Transformer Simulator Kit

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The Load-Trainer™ II Transformer Simulator is a portable 3-phase trainer. The unique tactile interface offers an immersive learning environment for all levels of line-workers and utility personnel.

The unit includes color coded patch cords and a 7” interactive touch screen to combine a physical wiring environment with a computer controlled simulation.  Users apply jumpers between source lines, transformers and a secondary system. When the ‘TEST’ button is pressed the simulator displays phase-to-phase voltages, phase-to-neutral voltages, phase angles, load and other key information based on the users wiring in real-time.

Key principles and concepts of electrical distribution systems can be demonstrated: Wye, Delta, Polarity, Phase Rotation and Phase Angles. Trainers can even introduce faults on both the primary and secondary, modify phase orientation, explore multiple secondary voltages and different transformer settings. It simulates back-feeding and reduced capacity services so users learn and practice real-world troubleshooting.

The Load-Trainer™ II Transformer Simulator is 27.5” wide x 19” tall x 3.5” deep and weighs just 16 pounds. It is constructed on a rugged polymer frame and includes built in legs that fold for easy transport. It is powered by standard 120V AC and includes a cordless mouse and HDMI output for connecting a monitor or projector. The soft case includes padded corners and a pouch for accessories. The hard case includes heavy duty foam, storage area, and a spring loaded handle.

Take training beyond the text book with the Load-Trainer II Transformer Simulator from Utility Solutions, Inc.

 Part No: XFMR-001-H w/ Hard Case