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  • Utility Solutions Load-Ranger XLT 38kV Load Break Tool - USLR-XLT-2-S


Brand: Utility Solutions

Type: Disconnect Tool

Utility Solutions Load-Ranger XLT 38kV Load Break Tool - USLR-XLT-2-S

$ 2,900.00


The LOAD-RANGER® XLT Load Break Tool is specifically engineered to be light and maneuverable. The XLT-1 weighs under 5 pounds and is approximately 1 lb 3 oz lighter than the competition. The arm attachment, counter mechanism and other key components are centrally located so the weight of the tool is aligned with the hot stick attachment giving the user maximum control.

SAFE & RELIABLE            
The Utility Solutions XLT product line has higher metal-to-metal clearance when fully extended, compared to the competition. This can reduce flash-over potential. The aluminum and fiberglass components are machined to very high tolerances and are designed for long life.

The XLT line is designed to be user friendly and simple to operate. The side reset button is easier than a plunger style and allows a lineman to keep their gloves on, eliminating pinched fingers.

The low profile head enables our tool to reach switches that have animal guards installed. Our built-in counter is located in the body rather than the head allowing a smaller profile tool that is better balanced.

The XLT line is offered with numerous options including a Pad Mount version, hard case, soft case, extended insulated hood and an economical non-counter version.