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Utility Solutions Grounds Trainer Personal Protective Grounding Simulator - GNDS-001-H

SKU: GNDS-001-H | Brand: Utility Solutions | Type: Grounding Simulator Kit

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The Grounds-Trainer™ is a portable personal protective grounding simulator. The unique tactile interface offers an immersive learning environment for all levels of line-workers, safety & training instructors, engineers, and other utility personnel.

Operators apply grounding jumpers on a faceplate illustrating an overhead distribution system. A 7” interactive touch screen combines hands-on experience with a computer-controlled simulation.  Users see real-time results of Bracket Grounding, Equipotential Zone Grounding (EPZ) and Shunt Grounding. Interactive Disconnect Switches and Source buttons allow both trainer and operator to recreate scenarios from the field.

Personal protective grounding is a highly complex and often misunderstood subject. Textbooks have difficulty illustrating fault currents on a given work zone because each distribution system is so unique. The Grounds-Trainer™ can manage several variables at once. Changing variables in real-time help to illustrate the principles of grounding, proper work methods, and even recreate specific incidents.

The Grounds-Trainer™ teaches key concepts of grounding which include Ground Potential Rise, Distribution of Fault Currents, Pole Grounds, System Neutral, Soil Resistivity, and the Resistance of Personal Protective Ground Sets. Trainers can control system voltages, fault current, fault duration, source, and pole distances.

The Grounds-Trainer™ Personal Protective Grounding Simulator is 27.5” wide x 19” tall x 3.5” deep and weighs less than 18 pounds. It is constructed on a rugged polymer frame and includes built-in legs that fold for easy transport. It is powered by standard 120V AC and includes a cordless mouse and HDMI output for connecting a monitor or projector. The soft case includes padded corners and a pouch for accessories. The hard case includes heavy-duty foam, storage area, and a spring-loaded handle.

Take training beyond the textbook with the Grounds-Trainer™ from Utility Solutions, Inc.

GNDS Software Upgrade

A new software upgrade is available for existing customers. The Grounds-Trainer™ Personal Protective Grounding Simulator update includes:

  • Addition of downstream load to highlight the need for total isolation.
  • System can be toggled between conditions: Balanced and Unbalanced. Each can provide different perspectives of a 3 phase fault.
  • The “let go” threshold for a worker’s hands are now shown on the main screen.
  • Worker resistance is now editable between 250 – 5000 ohms.

 Part No: GNDS-001-H w/ Hard Case