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  • Hastings Hot Stick - ST230

SKU: ST230

Brand: Hastings

Type: Hot Stick

Hastings Hot Stick - ST230

$ 520.00

30' Telescoping Hot Stick with Tip Lock

Hastings Original Tel-O-Pole series of round sectional reinforced electrical grade fiberglass. The HastingsST-230 has the Tip Lock Feature and is designed for long reach, speed, convenience and safety. All Tel-O-Pole hotsticks are rated at 100kV/ ft with high dielectric properties.

    • For opening and closing disconnect switches

    • Replacing fuses on transformers

    • Tree trimming or other overhead work to protect from contact with high voltage

    • Fluorescent green tip section is highly visible and has a foam core

    • Telepole series can be locked at different extended lengths

    • The tip retracts and locks into the next larger section

    • The tip diameter for this model is 7/8" (extended)

Product Number: ST230