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  • Speed Systems Cable Prep Kit CPK-4


Brand: Speed Systems

Type: Cable Prep Kit

Speed Systems Cable Prep Kit - CPK-4

$ 1,150.00

Safely and properly install primary elbows on high voltage cables. This kit includes tools to strip and chamfer high voltage with EPR and XPLE insulations. Install elbow probes properly with the pre-set probe torque tool included in this kit.


  • Includes CPK-14 Canvas Bag
  • Includes 1542-2CL Stripper with 1646X Scale Gauge
  • Includes CT-1 Chamfer Tool
  • Includes 1700SS Semi-Con Scorer
  • Includes LPW1525/TK120X-N Combination Probe Tool
  • Includes SC-11 Edge Wedge
  • Includes SC-13 Roller Grip

    Product Number: CPK-4

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