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  • Huskie Tools 35 Ton Hydraulic Steel Punch - SH-370M

    SKU: SH-370M | Brand: Huskie | Type: Compression Tools

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    SH-370M: 35 Ton Hydraulic Steel Punch

    The portable SH-370M punch was designed to punch holes through 1/2” mild steel, aluminum and copper. The punched hole size is 1/16” larger than your bolt size. A stripper guide extends on either side of the ram to strip the material after punching. This hand-held unit will operate from any 10,000 psi hydraulic pumping source.

    Some uses include the punching of bus bars, tower iron, railing, I-beams and truck frames. Custom size punch and dies are available upon request. Oval and square sizes are also available. Consult factory for order information. The SH-370M comes complete with four sets of punch and die sizes for 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4” bolts and carrying case.