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  • Salisbury Pole Guard - 2466

SKU: 2466

Brand: Salisbury

Type: Pole Guard

Salisbury Pole Guard - 2466

$ 625.00

They also guard against pole contacts by personnel working in insulating aerial buckets or on platforms. Made from orange, Type I ABS, cold weather, high impact thermoplastic and feature the unique Air Gap design. Uniformly spaced dimples minimize the amount of surface area contacting the pole. This provides added insulation to keep electrical leakage to a minimum. When two pole guards are used to cover longer lengths, the dimples nest together locking the two together with ample overlap. The design also allows for air flow between it and the pole minimizing moisture condensation and contamination buildup. Bonded edge clips make for easy installation and removal. The edge clip wraps around and is bonded to the edge of the guard putting the opening force just where it is needed most.

Diameter: 12" x 6'

Product Number: 2466

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