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  • Rock Exotica   RockO ORCA-Lock C30


Brand: Rock Exotica

Type: Carabiners

Rock Exotica RockO ORCA-Lock C30

$ 24.50

The ORCA is an enhanced 3-stage mechanism available on Pirate, rockD and rockO carabiners. This unique gate system lifts up and twists just like many traditional auto-locks, but can be set to remain in the unlocked position. This allows the gateÑwhether you attach the ORCA carabiner immediately, or leave it installed in an anchor to connect a line later, to open easily, just like a non-locker. And when it closes, it closes and rotates shut with the safety and surety of a locking carabiner

    • Set to the "ready" position to open gate like a non-locker

  • Use ORCA in situations when quick access is required.