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  • Rock Exotica RockD Auto-Lock - C2A


Brand: Rock Exotica

Type: Carabiners

Rock Exotica RockD Auto-Lock - C2A

$ 20.50

The 3-stage Autocking carabiner features a pull-down and twist action Ñ a motion thatÕs more intuitive and natural for your hand than lifting up and away from your palm. Once you try it, youÕre likely to never go back!

We identified several surfaces where ropes and lanyards can be held up by the edges of the gate and sleeve, which can lead to dangerous cross-loading. We have designed our auto-lock sleeve with beveled edges to minimize this risk, and provide a smoother interior for the materials connected to the carabiner.

    • Ergonomic pull-down and twist action

    • Beveled edges provide smooth operating surfaces

  • Large and ergonomic angled gate opening