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  • Rock Exotica Omni-Block 2.0" (Double) - P53D


Brand: Rock Exotica

Type: Blocks

Rock Exotica Omni-Block 2.0" (Double) - P53D

$ 170.00

The Omni pulleys - along with several popular Rock Exotica products, share a common purpose: making rigging shorter. By way of a design that combines a pulley and swivel together without the need of a carabiner, the Omni pulley greatly shortens the length of rigging, or "headspace" required for an equivalent configuration.

    • Install and remove rope while still
      connected to the anchor.

    • Sideplate locks with two-stage,
      double-catch safety mechanism.

    • Integrated swivel allows pulley
      to orient while reducing gain.

    • Connect, install and remove
      rope with one hand.

  • CNC machined for optimal
    weight & strength.