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  • Rauckman  BugWrench w/ Flex Head 4-n-1 BW288

SKU: BW288

Brand: Rauckman

Type: BugWrench

Rauckman BugWrench w/ Flex Head 4-n-1 BW288

$ 90.00

Flex Head 4-in-1 Insulated Wrench, a Heavy-Duty BugWrench™ Model BW-288 offers utility lineworkers unique combination of 4 sockets in 1 wrench. This reversing ratchet BugWrench™ has two separate sizes on each end that are the most common on T&D apparatus and connectors. The flex head allows the user to reach and work the wrench in confined work space.
The model BW-288 insulating handle is formulated of a high strength and high dielectric polymer.
A see-through port in the center of the handle to confirm that the two ends are not electrically connected.
The unique design of the handle provides twice the Metal-to-Metal Electrical Isolation compared to other brands (*based on tests on model BW-223).
The handle comes in a High-Visibility yellow color.