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  • Petzl - Tool Carrier - P42

SKU: P42

Brand: Petzl

Type: Tool Carrier

Petzl - Tool Carrier - P42


$ 10.75

The Caritool from Petzl is a carabiner-shaped tool holder designed to organize gear attached to a harness. Small tools can be arranged and accessed single-handedly.  Two sizes available. 

  • It slips easily onto the harness waist-belt
  • Tools can be attached and removed with a simple hand movement
  • Inside clip helps stabilize tool holder's position on the harness
  • The flat top aids in sorting gear
  • There is a small hole on top for attaching keeper cord, to help prevent dropping critical gear
  • Small: approx. 4 1/2" tall x 2" wide
  • Large: approx. 5 1/2" Tall x 3" wide

Product Number: P42