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Brand: Petzl

Type: Pulley

Petzl Mini Pulley - Lightweight General Use Utility Pulley P59A

$ 55.00

Petzl Mini Pulley

Lightweight general use swing cheek utility pulley

  • Special side plates designed for use with a Prusik friction hitch in progress capture systems
  • Sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings for excellent efficiency
  • Compact and lightweight

    For use on ropes between 7 and 11 mm in diameter
    Sheave: 25 mm
    Efficiency: 91 %
    Working load: 2.5 kN x 2 = 5 kN
    CERTIFICATION: CE EN 12278, NFPA 1983 Light Use
    Breaking Strength 23kn

    Weight: 80 grams

    Product Number: P59A