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  • OshKosh Skidding Tongs W/Ring 21" - 384B

SKU: 384B

Brand: OshKosh

Type: Skidding Tongs

OshKosh Skidding Tongs W/Ring 21" - 384B

$ 222.37

Skidding Tongs are made of round high-carbon steel and have heavy up-set, hammer-forged points or hooks. High carbon steel is noted for its stiffness and extra strength. The sides are flattened evenly where they pivot. This gives a larger bearing surface and allows for the pivot to be shorter and of a larger diameter. The tongs are shaped so that a good grip is obtained on straddled logs and poles. The hooks are heat treated to resist straightening. The tongs are made with ring only.

Size: 1" x 21"

Product Number: 384B