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  • Teufelberger   Tachyon 11.5mm Rope - NE3235 - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.

SKU: NE3235

Brand: Teufelberger Fiber Rope Corp

Type: Rope

Teufelberger Tachyon 11.5mm Rope - NE3235


$ 1.30

Teufelberger / New England Rope  C3235-11-00600

Tachyon climbing rope consists of a firm and flexible 24-strand structure.  Its polyester cover significantly improves friction hitch performance without "bagginess".

Hence, our Tachyon features:

  • low stretch at low loads for less bounce while climbing
  • high stretch at high loads to minimize impact in the event of a fall
  • consistent diameter while climbing ensures improved grip
  • easy to splice

11.5 mm / 7/16" Diameter

Available by the foot, 120' Bundle or 600' Reel


Product Number: NE3235