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  • Teufelberger   Dragonfly 11.5mm Climbing Rope - NE3222 - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.

SKU: NE3222-1

Brand: Teufelberger Fiber Rope Corp

Type: Rope

Teufelberger Dragonfly 11.5mm Climbing Rope - NE3222


$ 1.05

Teufelberger / New England Rope 

Dragonfly by Teufelberger is an alternate color scheme of their classes 11.5 mm tree climbgin rope. It runs through gear effortlessly without getting mushy, and stays round and firm giving the climber a smooth, controlled descent. The DragonFly features a unique spliceable kernmantle construction that is easy to knot, resists flattening and glazing, and renders well in equipment.

This rope has a 6000 lbs tensile strength. 

11.5mm  / 7/16" Diameter

Available by the Foot, 120' Bundle, 600' Reel

Product Number: 3222-11-00600