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  • Revolver Locksafe Locking Carabiner

SKU: A277

Brand: DMM

Type: Carabiners

DMM Revolver Locksafe Locking Carabiner - A277

$ 50.00

Locksafe Locking Carabiner

Whichever way you look at it, this is a remarkable biner design. If you don’t already own some Revolvers we would urge you to give it some serious consideration, and here’s why:

The pulley wheel is a unique design feature that solves the age old problem of rope drag. It also makes this biner a very useful tool in rescue or emergency hauling situations when a pulley is required.

The wire gate version of the Revolver is a well established, design classic and many climbers have wisely added them to their racks. But if you want extra security, say for example when clipping crucial runners or in an emergency pulley system, the locking version is the better option.


  • Unique pulley wheel design locking biner
  • Strong and lightweight I-Beam construction
  • Shrouded nose to reduce snagging
  • Closed gate Strength: 24kN
  • Open gate Strength: 8kN
  • Gate opening: 15mm
Product Number: A277