Lewis Fiber Ouchless Cable Pulling Grip Kevlar Dual Eye Single Weave - Aramid Fibers

Lewis Fiber Ouchless Cable Pulling Grip Kevlar Dual Eye Single Weave - Aramid Fibers

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Lewis Fiber Ouchless Dual Eye Cable Pulling Grip

The Ouchless Lewis Grips™ (Ouchless Grips) are made of plastic coated Aramid fibers that are light weight and yet much stronger than steel wires. These Aramid fiber grips are traditionally used in Overhead or Underground operations when pulling or suspending electric or fiber optic cables.

Pulling Grips Ouchless Aramid Fibers Dual Eye grips do not have the metallic fraying as traditional grips do thereby eliminating the chance of being injured from metallic strands that have been abraded.

Part of line of Ouchless Lewis Grips, These grips are made of plastic-coated Aramid fibers.

Aramid fibeers can be used in essentially all Lewis Mfg.’s grip configurations. Ouchless Lewis Grips can also be used when a metallic grip is unsuitable, such as when pulling into an energized environment.

The Dual Eye (DLE) grips can be used for pulling wire and cable applications.

Pulling Grips Ouchless Aramid Fibers Single Eye Features:
  • Non Conductive
  • Non Magnetic
  • Much Lighter yet Stronger than Steel Grips
  • Easier to Load and Remove
  • No Frayed Wires
  • No Wire Cuts and Contusions

NOTE: The Aramid fibers can be used in essentially all grip configurations to make them Aramid Grips. However when used around coastal areas or in corrosive environments the Stainless Steel option is still superior.

NOTE: Always remember when using an pulling grip made of Aramid fibers strand or metal wire to tape the bare end of the cable that will be inserted into the grip. This will eliminate a sharp edge exposure and prolong the life of your grip.

NOTE: Band Grips — Band the end of the Aramid Fibers grips using Electrical Tape ONLY. Do not use metal bands.

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