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  • Kunz - Cream - Cowhide Glove Protector - 1050-6 - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.
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SKU: 1050-6-8

Brand: Kunz Glove Company, Inc.

Type: Gloves

Kunz Cream - Cowhide Glove Protector - 1050-6


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The 1050 series are protectors manufactured to meet current ASTM Standard Specification F-696. A nylon strap is standard- as shown in picture. Product Specifications: Pattern: Gunn Cut Pattern with a Straight Thumb Material: Cowhide Leather, Cream Color

This protector is marked with the Kunz Glove Co. name, catalog number, OAL, and the hand size of the rubber glove they are designed to cover.

Product Number: 1050-6