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  • J.L. Matthews Wire Rope Sling - 1EE-08x04

SKU: 1EE-08x04

Brand: J.L. Matthews

Type: Wire Rope Sling

J.L. Matthews Wire Rope Sling - 1EE-08x04

$ 37.39

Can be designed and fabricated within close tolerances to desired specifications. For safety purposes, it is essential that all fittings and attachments carry a rated capacity equal to or greater than that of the wire rope sling. In cases where this is not possible, the rated capacity of the entire assembly must be downgraded to the weakest component. In addition to the basic slings described above, cable laid slings, 8-part braids, Tri-Flex and hand tucked slings may be selected for their distinctive characteristics.

Product Number: 1EE-08x04