J.L. Matthews Port-A-Wrap Lowering Device - 601LN

J.L. Matthews Port-A-Wrap Lowering Device - 601LN

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Port-A-Wrap Lowering Device

Used for lowering heavy branches or logs, the Port-A-Wrap is a friction device that enables a single person to control loads many times their own weight. By taking wraps with the rigging line around the Port-A-Wrap, friction is applied to the rope; the more wraps taken, the more friction applied. Compared to the traditional method of taking wraps around the trunk of the tree, the Port-A-Wrap provides more consistent friction that doesn't vary from one tree to the next, can be tied off to allow the worker to let go and walk away from the rope, can be combined with a fiddle block to hoist branches, and does not damage the tree.

  • Used for controlled lowering
  • Works via friction…the rigging line wraps around the Port-a-Wrap
  • Allows the rigger on the ground to control the speed and pace of limb lowering with tremendous leverage over heavy loads
  • Made of high-strength zinc-plated steel
  • WLL: 3,600 lb
  • Length: 9.5"

Product Number: 601LN

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