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  • Beaver Tree Service - Arborist Book - Knots at Work - 51695, Beaver Tree Service - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.

SKU: 51695

Brand: Beaver Tree Service

Type: Handbook

Beaver Tree Service Arborist Book - Knots at Work - 51695

$ 17.00

"No one ties knots more frequently and of such variety than those who work in the tree care profession." For this reason "Knots at Work" was written. With over 50 arborist knots presented, both aspects of knot knowledge are given equal time--knot construction (tying the knots) and knot application (using the knots). This information can be quickly grasped from the lavishly illustrated pages and the easy-to-read text. The unique cross-reference format makes it easy to navigate through the book, and its compact size will encourage its use out in the field where it's needed most

Product Number: 51695