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  • GMP Pole Trailer Light Kit - 70276

SKU: 70276

Brand: GMP

Type: Trailer Safety Light

GMP Pole Trailer Light Kit - 70276

$ 948.75

In addition to their compact design & secure attachments, the kits are also loaded with well-designed features for maximum visibility

By not using a battery, our units take advantage of brake & turn signal lights; giving motorists optimal information. Also, battery disposal is not an issue, reducing environmental concerns

The frame is made from an aluminum extruded weldment with a durable bright yellow polyester powder coating

DOT approved lights & reflectors are mounted on the back & sides
Uses a Reflexite label with 3" lettering & a legend of "Swings on Turns" along with directional arrows

Shock mounts provide greater bulb life & simplify bulb replacement
A chain binder is used to attach to a pole using 5' of chain & hardened steel spikes that bury in the pole as the binder is tightened

Product Number: 70276