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  • Huskie Tools Parallel Jaw Cable Grip - TG-45

SKU: TG-45

Brand: Huskie

Type: Parallel Jaw Grips

Huskie Tools Parallel Jaw Cable Grip - TG-45

$ 160.00

Huskie Grips are designed for use when a light compact grip is desired. Used for pulling up lines to tension, not to be used as anchors. The Grips are recommended for use on bare aluminum, ACSR, copper, guy strand, and steel cables. All Huskie grips are made with forged alloy steel and yet they are lightweight.

Patented trigger-like grip for easy one handed operation.
  • Fine Teeth Jaw
  • Round jaw holds 0.196 to 0.87-Inch diameter cable range
  • Large opening in the handle accommodate a wide variety of hooks
  • Max Safe Load of 5000-Pound (2268 kg)
Product No: TG-45