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  • Hastings Shotgun - 8108U

SKU: 8108-U

Brand: Hastings

Type: Shotgun

Hastings Shotgun - 8108U

$ 375.00

A fixed length shotgun stick with external operating rod and universal adapter. Constructed of the finest electrical grade fiberglass available. Engineered weave selected for superior strength in both deflection and torque, giving maximum strength and minimum weight.
The superior head design is molded of non-conductive polycarbonate, durable, inpact resistant, and unaffected by temperature extremes. Larger opening and 5" deep throat gives greater control on all hot taps, including the new longer stem taps. Extended length spear offers easy method of locating the eye of hot taps that are otherwise difficult to locate.

New rod quide eliminates trapped dirt and moisture and is easily cleaned.
Handle body is of melron polycarbonate, non-conductive, extremely durable and unaffected by temperature extremes. Hook relase tirgger is shielded and requires deliberate action to open the hook. The precision cast slide offers 13 teeth per inch, gives complete control and extra firm grip.

The universal adapter on the base end allows the use of various tools without selecting a different stick.

Product Number: 8108U