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  • Hastings 4'Hot Stick Canister Kit - 01-3200

SKU: 01-3200

Brand: Hastings

Type: Canisters

Hastings 4'Hot Stick Canister Kit - 01-3200

$ 175.00


Canister kits are manufactured to fit common sizes of schedule 30/40 PVC 4”, and 6” drain pipe. All kits are designed for easy assembly. ALUMINUM LID


• Kit consists of lid assembly, end cap, and 2 mounting brackets, adhesive kit, required mounting hardware and instructions. The same kit is available with premium brackets in place of the standard brackets.

• Latch pin is a captive component and is easily operated by a pull or push motion

• Latch pin hinge is stainless steel

• Water and dust proof seal

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