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  • Hastings Hot Stick - ST235

SKU: ST235

Brand: Hastings

Type: Hot Stick

Hastings Hot Stick - ST235

$ 660.00

35' Telescoping Hot Stick with Tip Lock

Hastings Tip-Lock Telescoping Hot Sticks are 100% tested per OSHA and ASTM F-711. Features an all new safety Corona discharge head and Hastings' patented interlock system. The tip completely retracts and locks into the next larger section, giving double wall strength and rigidity for heavy lifting operations. Hastings ST-235 telepole is lockable at 17', 21', 26', 30', and 35'.

Typical uses include the following:

  • Opening and closing disconnect switches.
  • Replacing fuses in porcelain type cut-outs.
  • Pruning tree limbs.
  • Replacing lamps in street light circuits and inside high buildings.
Product Code Lockable Lengths Retracted
Weight Carrying
ST-235 17'-21.5'-26'-30'-35' 63-3/8" 2-11/16" 5.5 C-35

Product Number: ST235