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  • Hastings 25KV Line Guard With Shotgun Eye -12936

SKU: 12936

Brand: Hastings

Type: Line Guard

Hastings 25KV Line Guard With Shotgun Eye -12936

$ 225.00

Hastings Line Guard

Hastings Line Guards and Insulator Hoods are designed for easy installation and removal. They are made from bright yellow ABS plastic which gives high visibility. These guards will not warp or distort making installation and removal difficult.

  • Designed for easy installation and removal

  • Line guards are 4’6” long

  • Installation - Guards and hoods are equipped with eye and can be installed with all shotgun hot sticks

  • Eyes are adjustable to allow guards to be installed at angles

  • Interlocking male and female ends allow as many guards as needed to be installed on conductors

  • 15/25 KV - Guards are designed for use on conductor sizes 6 solid through 666.6 26/7 ACSR

  • Brush contact only

  • Product Number: 12936