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  • Princeton Hard Hat Flashlight LED 420 Lumens Headlamp


Brand: Princeton

Type: Head Flashlight

Princeton Hard Hat Flashlight LED 420 Lumens Headlamp

$ 54.00

Princeton Hard Hat LED Flashlight

Long range or close up, the VIZZ is a versatile professional quality LED headlamp. A single Maxbright LED spotlight focuses a narrow beam that’s perfect lighting a pathway or scanning a large work area.

When working at arm’s length, the push-button control switches to (4) LEDs that dim as you hold the button.  These dimmable LEDs allow for just the right level of light dispersed evenly over an arm’s reach area.

An adjustable rubber strap secure the VIZZ to most any hard hat, an optional elastic band is also included.

Heatsink technology prevents LEDs from overheating and allows for higher performance without risking damage from heat.

  • (1) Maxbright LEDs for long range
  • (4) Dimmable LEDs for close work
  • Powered by (3) AAA batteries
  • Waterproof – Level 2 – IPX7
  • 420Lumens
  • Rubber strap for hard hats