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  • Teufelberger fImblCLIMB 1.25m - 7350001

SKU: 7350001

Brand: Teufelberger

Type: Fimble Saver

Teufelberger fImblCLIMB 1.25m - 7350001

$ 115.00

The fImblCLIMB from TEUFELBERGER consists of a polyester rope in a polyester cover. With its 311 g (1.25 m) and 426 g (2.25 m), it is the lightweight of the fImbl family.

In spite of its low weight, our fImblCLIMB impresses with a breaking load of 30 kN. The more compact 6 mm steel thimbles facilitate retrieval from the ground and help ensure the product's customary long service life. Unlike the fImblSAVER, the fImblCLIMB features the 7 mm Ocean Dyneema® Loop T as re-adjustable friction hitch.

Dim: 12.70 / 1/2" 

Product No: 7350001