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  • Crescent E-SHOK-GUARD Isolated Magnetic Bit Holder


Brand: Crescent

Type: Insulated Tool

Crescent E-SHOK-GUARD Isolated Magnetic Bit Holder

$ 7.99

    Magnetic Bit Holder 1/4" x 3"

    Protect yourself from electric shock with Crescent APEX’s new patented isolated technology, eSHOK-GUARD, providing insulation of up to 1,000 volts. Combining safety and convenience for a revolutionary experience when working around potential live wire applications, eSHOK-GUARD’s impact-rated design withstands heavy-use, impact tool applications, so you never have to sacrifice protection when using power tools. With over 85% of professionals experiencing shocks on construction job sites, eSHOK-GUARD is protecting you – for life.
    • Isolation zone insulates all your standard bits, protecting you up to 1000V

    • Withstands heavy-use in impact applications

    • Compact design improves precision in tight spaces

    • Ball detent for secure fastener retention and easy replacement

    Product Number: CAEBH2C

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