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  • Burndy - Battery Actuated Tool - PAT4618V, Burndy - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.


Brand: Burndy

Type: Battery Tools

Burndy Battery Actuated Tool - PAT46LWSLI

$ 6,238.50

  • Battery-actuated hydraulic crimping tool for use with copper connections ranging from #14 AWG to 1,500 kcmil, and aluminum connections ranging from #8 AWG to 1,250 kcmil
  • Provides 15 tons (13.6 metric tons) of crimping force
  • Compatible with Burndy die types "P" and "U" (not included)
  • Forged steel C-head crimp mechanism with 355-degree head rotation for improved access to tight work spaces
  • Retractable assist handle for improved balance during use
  • Product Number: PAT46LWSLI