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  • Bullard - White Hard Hat - C-34W, Bullard - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.
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Brand: Bullard

Type: Hard Hats

Bullard White Hard Hat - C-34W

$ 24.00 $ 21.00

Introducing the new Bullard Classic C34 hard hat offering wearers added comfort with a customized fit in the classic-style workers prefer.

Bullard set the standard for head protection nearly 90 years ago with the invention of the hard hat, and continues its tradition today by developing head protection products that offer superior performance, comfort and value. The Classic C34 is engineered to provide the ultimate in worker safety and comfort.


  • Full, wide brim
  • Durable
  • High-density polyethylene


  • Twelve percent more interior space
  • Six-point suspension in Flex-Gear® ratchet or pinlock
  • Large, absorbent cotton brow pad
  • One-inch wide nylon suspension straps
  • Front, side and rear vertical height adjustment


  • Protection from rain, snow, dust and harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Available in all Bullard standard colors
  • Striping and logos available