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  • Bullard - Blue Replacement Brow Pad - BULRBPCOOL, Bullard - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.
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Brand: Bullard

Type: Sweat Band

Bullard Blue Replacement Brow Pad - BULRBPCOOL

$ 10.00

Bullard® Blue Replacement Brow Pad made of Polartec® wicking material wicks away sweat to keep wearers cool and clean. Brow pad fits all Bullard® suspensions and comes in a large size for maximum comfort.


  • Brow pads cushion while absorbing moisture to keep wearers feeling cool and clean
  • Replaceable on all Standard and Classic Series hard hats
  • Replacements snap easily in place of or over original pads, ensuring comfort and protection
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Material: Polartec

Usage: Bullard Suspensions