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  • Bierer & Assoc. Pole Guard - PG72


Brand: Bierer & Assoc

Type: Pole Guard

Bierer & Assoc. Pole Guard - PG72

$ 225.00

Pole Guards are installed before setting new poles to guard against accidental line contact. They also guard against pole contacts by personnel working insulating aerial buckets or on platforms. Pole Guards are made from orange, Type I ABS, cold weather, high impact thermoplastic. 

Class 5 rating

  • Rated max use voltage of 48.3kV guarded phase to guarded phase or 27kV phase to ground.
  • Allows use for applications up to 46kV system voltage

High Density Polyethylene:

  • Completely recyclable HDPE material
  • Excellent chemical resistance properties
  • Superior electrical insulation properties
  • Excellent cold and hot weather properties

Dimensions: 12" x 6'

Product Number: B-PG72