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  • Bierer Meters - Cordless Phasing Sticks - PD800W, Bierer Meters - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.


Brand: Bierer & Assoc.

Type: Voltage Tester

Bierer & Assoc. Meters Cordless Phasing Sticks - PD800W

$ 4,250.00

 120 volt - 800,000 volt cordless phasing tester, hook probe, straight probe, universal / grip-all adapter, manual & case

The PD800W Cordless Phasing Tester accurately and easily operates in multiple applications including phasing, voltage detection, phase sequencing and phase angle indications.

Both the Reference Probe and the Meter Probe have a 5-position selector switch that controls different operation modes.

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  • DEG -for phase angle measurements from 208V - 800kV
  • URD - for phase and voltage detection on URD systems from 1kV - 51kV
  • OH - for phasing and voltage detection on OH systems from 1kV - 51kV
  • Test - tests internal meter circuitry and displays battery voltage

Product No: PD800W