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  • Bashlin Aluminum Pole Climbers - BD14B-5N


Brand: Bashlin

Type: Climbers

Bashlin Aluminum Pole Climbers - BD14B-5N

$ 625.00

 The BD14 is Bashlin's aluminum alloy climber, it has a contour shank with an offset design and replaceable gaff.  The 17 degree gaff angle makes this the most forgiving gaff on the market.  It's light weight reduces fatigue and adds climbing comfort.  Comparable steel climbers weigh 30% more.  There is not light or more proven climber available.  Bashlin pole climbers include the #2 gaff guard and the #5 gaff gauge standard.

BD14BA-5N (with longer top slides) Top & Bottom Straps w/ 140DS Pads



Product Number: BD14B-5N