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  • H.K. Porter - Ratcheting Soft Cable Cutter 2" - 8690FSK, H. K. Porter - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.

SKU: 8690FSK

Brand: H. K. Porter

Type: Ratchet Cutter

H.K. Porter - Ratcheting Soft Cable Cutter 2" - 8690FSK

$ 520.00

27-1/2" Ratchet-type, Soft Cable Cutter with 2" Capacity

Jaw keeper prevents jaws from spreading while under heavy load

Cuts copper and aluminum communications power cable up to 2"
Improved heavy duty jaw design
Built for tough conditions
Ratchet provides up to 5x's the mechanical advantage over manual cutters
Cuts all types of copper and aluminum cables up to 2500MCM

NEVER use any H.K. Porter cutters on energized circuits, wire, or cable

Replacement Head No: 8613FSK

Product Number: 8690FSK