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  • All Gear - Handline Pro Rope - AG12SC12600SC, All Gear - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.

SKU: AG12SC12600SC-3/8

Brand: All Gear

Type: Rope

All Gear Handline Pro Rope - AG12SC12600SC

$ 0.80

3/8" to 5/8"  12-Strand Polyester over Polyolefin in each strand. Polyolefin keeps the center dry for minimal electrical conductivity. Polyester veneered over Polyolefin combination makes it a lightweight rope and very durable. 25% Stronger than yellow polypropylene lines. Available in special lengths etc... 


  • Utility Hand Line
  • Lifting Line for Cellular
  • Block and Pulley


  • Minimal Conductivity
  • Light weight Vs. 100% Polyester
  • Easy to Splice, lock or brummel
  • Easy to the hand, Soft cover