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  • All Gear - Transformer Sling 1/2"  24-50", Red - AGTS1250R, All Gear - J.L. Matthews Co., Inc.


Brand: All Gear

Type: Slings

All Gear Adjustable Transformer Sling 1/2" 24-50" - Red

$ 47.00

All Gear Adjustable Transformer Sling - Red

"Husky-12 Adjustable Polyester Transformer Slings" - # AGTS

12-Strand Adjustable Polyester Transformer Slings are used as a low-stretch lifting tool for contractors. All Gear, Inc. Adjustable Polyester Transformer Slings have a Ballistic Nylon Outer Jacket at the 3 Critical Wear Points for Extended Life. Premium Husky Coating is applied to provide excellent resistance to chemicals, sunlight, and abrasion.

Key Benefits:

  • Protective Sleeve on wear points to extend the life of your sling.
  • Polyester Husky Coating is very resistant to abrasion.
  • Color-Coded for easy Differentiation and Visibility.


Product Number: AGTS1250R