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  • Jameson - Duct Rodder - 6-14-400M

SKU: 6-14-400M

Brand: Jameson, LLC

Type: Duct Rodder

Jameson - Duct Rodder - 6-14-400M

$ 590.00

The Jameson 6-14-400M 1/4" X 400' Easy Buddy is a strong and durable fiberglass duct rodder. It is designed to handle a 4" bending radius and has a polymer coating that protects the surface from abrasion. The Easy Buddy duct rodder has a lightweight frame but has the ability to pull 400-lbs. The accessory kit includes a splice ferrule, pulling eye, glue, emery cloth and canvas storage pouch.

 Product Number: 6-14-400M