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Lineman Supply

  • NSA Clearview ARC Face Shield 12 Cal H12HTFB
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    NSA Clearview ARC Face Shield 12 Cal ...

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  • NSA Knit Cap  FR Black  HNC2BK
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    NSA Knit Cap FR Black HNC2BK

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  • Lineman Supply

    J.L. Matthews Co. is a one-stop lineman supply store carrying the top rated products of the industry including manufacturers such as Salisbury, MADI, Klein Tools, and Huskie Tools. Linemen have a complex job, requiring complex and reliable tools for their safety and well being. We carry the majority of the lineman supplies and tools that are needed on a regular basis to keep lights on in the houses across the country. If you’re in Texas, don’t forget to visit our lineman store in Fort Worth, located at: 620 W Felix St, Fort Worth, TX 76115 

    Lineman Supplies includes:

    • Lineman Clothing : Lineman Boots, FR Clothing, FR Hat Liner, FR/ARC Flash Kit Clothing, Glasses, Safety Gloves, Lanyard tool tether, Lanyards, Safety Vest
    • Lineman Climbing Gear : D Ring Extension, Climbing Harness, lanyard tool tether, Carabiners, Climbing Gear, 
    • Lineman Tools : Anchor, Tool Bags, Tool Belts, Bolt Cutters, Tool Bucket, Bullpin Holder, Cushion Grips, Impact Sockets, Speed Bolt, Sleever Bar etc.