May is commonly known as the month for Star Wars Nerds- "May the Fourth be with you" said a Jedi with a lisp- but did you also know that there's another four you should know about? Yeah! The four ways you can have GALACTIC savings ALL month long! No Jedi mind tricks here!

The funny thing is, the Imperial Navy would be jealous of this sale too. Where else do you think they get their suits to service the Death Star? 






Looks like an Arc-Flash Suit, Die-Electric Boots and Rubbers to me! 


Just like the Galactic Empire’s Death Star Troopers, we understand you spend long hours in uncomfortable safety gear sometimes. With all the dangers you face like arc flashes-




Or you could witness (hopefully not be involved in) an explosion-




It’s best to be protected. Now, even though “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” They are definitely the products you’ll want for the job.


-   OEL Rubber Glove Kits- which include Class 0-4 Rubbers, Leather           Protectors and Glove Bag- 15% OFF 


-   Salisbury Rubber Blankets and Rubber Sleeves- Limited supplies       available so act fast- 15% OFF


-   NSA Arc Flash Suits INCLUDING gloves- 15% OFF! 


Now that you’re all suited up to work on the Death Star, you might need some tools as well. Luckily for you, we have select Huskie Tools up to 60+% OFF! This way you can give the Maintenance Repair Droids a hand, or a tool, to get the job done.





So make sure to get your hands on the best gear that would make even the Imperial Army jealous!



Side Note: I know, now all you’re going to see walking around the job site is Death Star Troopers- You’re welcome.


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